Monetize your online business

Simple and secure, our Centili solution allows vendors to receive mobile payments and convert mobile phone users into paying customers. It works great with digital items: gaming credits, social network features, web articles.

With our micro payments system, the price is charged directly to customers’ mobile bills, requiring no registration or software download. Centili supports in-app payments, subscription services and locally popular payment flows around the world; it enables game developers to monetize in Japan with ¥Coins virtual currency.

Boasting easy integration, global connectivity and top pay-out rates, Centili removes barriers in the buying process, bringing you closer to customers and opening new opportunities for monetisation.

Infobip Mobile Payments

Why use Centili?


  • Easy integration into web stores
  • Simple managing panel
  • Statistics and monitoring
  • Android library enables in-app payments


  • Purchases completed within seconds
  • No credit card needed
  • No bank account required
  • Maximum security