Digital SMS provides in-house developed technical solutions for mobile operators and complements them with innovative business models. We allow MNOs to offer new services to their subscriber base and generate additional revenue through the use of our technologies, globally distributed sales network and our established enterprises customer base.

Our carrier-grade MNO solutions include a range of high performance A2P messaging platforms, advanced filtering solutions at SS7 level, advanced USSD gateways for MNO integration and our fully featured direct operator billing platform cGate.

By enhancing network performance and exposing new MNO services to clients from all sectors, we are able to generate significant additional revenue for MNOs around the world.

As an associate member of the GSM Association and a GSMA Open Connectivity (OC) Certified SMS Hub Provider, Infobip understands and meets the needs of even the most demanding mobile network operators and operator groups.

Arrange a meeting to consult with our dedicated specialists to find the optimal solution and business model for your mobile network.

A2P Messaging

Increase your earnings reliably and securely with dedicated A2P messaging platforms. Power your service with unmatched SMSC-level global connectivity.

sGate filtering system

A highly efficient SS7 filtering system, available in two modes. sGate allows MNOs to trace and bill international messaging traffic, improve revenue and increase their subscribers’ satisfaction.

USSD Centre

Fully featured, in-house developed USSD gateway, enabling MNOs to monetise the USSD technology.

cGate: Direct Mobile Billing

A comprehensive direct mobile billing platform, for operators to take an active role in the new digital world. Easy integration, detailed reporting, technical maintenance and support.