sGate filtering system

Establish the messaging ecosystem

sGate is a cutting edge filtering system enabling mobile operators to protect their network from inbound fraudulent international messaging traffic. By providing network visibility and signalling traffic insight, sGate makes spam easy to eliminate, and the remaining traffic easy to bill.

Built on Digital SMS’s practical experience in international SMS traffic and the requirements of operators worldwide, sGate helps MNOs to establish a state-of the-art mobile messaging ecosystem in which all the stakeholders have tangible benefits.

sGate implemetation

Before implementation

  • Fraudulent traffic flow
  • Uncharged Bulk SMS
  • Network congestion
  • Potential loss of revenue
  • Lack of SMS traffic control

After implementation

  • Fraudulent traffic blocked
  • Bulk SMS charged correctly
  • Normal network load
  • Maximum revenue achieved
  • Total SMS traffic control

Digital SMS sGate provides advanced network security, performance and revenue. It eliminates unsolicited messages, increases international mobile-to-mobile interworking revenue, reduces network load and mobile subscriber churn. sGate means complete control over traffic content and volume.

sGate features

As an integrated anti-spam and security tool, sGate has the following features:

  • Detailed reports, billing and statistics data for complete visibility of traffic sources, trends, unnatural peaks etc.
  • Configurable SMS details with ability to log suspicious traffic and blocked messages
  • Comprehensive filtering, advanced anti-fraud algorithms
  • Complete control of configurable traffic streams (source GT, sender, content, throughput)
  • Effectively stops spam, spoof, flood and fake traffic delivery
  • Easy integration
  • Available in active and passive mode
  • No impact on network performance or end-user experience
  • Highly scalable mobile operator growth, supporting virtually limitless capacity and configurations