cGate: Direct Mobile Billing

Pivot the digital ecosystem

More and more people all over the world are turning to direct mobile billing, this great, convenient way of buying digital goods, especially in the micro transactions domain. And what could be more convenient than paying for gaming tokens, digital items, Facebook or other social network credits, than your existing mobile phone account?

Merchants have the digital product; operators have the subscriber base. To take this opportunity, both sides need to connect seamlessly over a secure and transparent platform in order to expose the virtual and digital goods and services to mobile subscribers. The time to act is right now.

How does our Direct Mobile Billing Platform come into play?

It’s simple. With our cGate direct mobile billing platform, we act as a complete ecosystem provider, connecting any number of merchants with the operators transparently and securely. We enable mobile subscriber to purchase goods directly from the merchant, without credit cards, directly debiting their pre or post paid mobile phone account.

Digital SMS’s cGate is a completely featured direct mobile billing platform – a highly scalable and flexible solution that integrates automatically with your system, tapping into the huge potential present in your subscriber base.

With hundreds of existing merchant partners, and a completely free installation and ongoing maintenance of the cGate platform by our experts, you get a permanent new revenue stream with no risk whatsoever. Each transaction is split proportionally between the mobile network operator, Digital SMS and the merchant automatically. We take care of all the technicalities with complete transparency, and you enter the new age of digital commerce with the minimum of effort.

cGate features:

  • Integrates fully into your operative back-end and billing
  • No additional network load on your platform
  • Customers are immediately enabled with the mobile payments ability
  • Every transaction is pure revenue, no CAPEX or OPEX required
  • Complete real-time statistics and monitoring