Reach billions with one connection

Mobilize your business by integrating into our mobile services cloud. We provide powerful APIs, professional database solution and dedicated stand-alone web and desktop applications.

Our development team ensures superb platform reliability at all times. Our expert engineers and dedicated 24/7 support make sure your mobile business never stops.


Geo-redundant platform

By operating geo-redundant data centres we deliver the best performance in the industry.


Multiple connectivity options

You can choose how to connect to our in-house developed and maintained platform and scale it to your business’ needs.


Support 24/7

Our dedicated and skilled support team is at your disposal 24/7, making sure your business always runs smoothly.


We offer secure enterprise-grade solutions, ranging from interactive mobile services to database platform integration. Give your business a more powerful voice, stay mobile and go global.


Connect to our mobile services cloud over APIs for seamless, uninterrupted service integration. Tap into your customer base with mobile messaging, the quickest and most trusted way to access your consumers.

Reseller solutions

Our white-label solutions enable you to fully customize apps. Paint them in custom colors and give them your brand identity or choose the apps you need. We may have built it, but you make it your own.