Mobilize your business

Mobile communications are the cornerstone of any business today: use enterprise SMS to deliver important notifications, improve security, increase the impact of your brand and add new revenue streams.

Digital SMS’s enterprise SMS solutions are designed in-house specifically for companies handling huge amounts of user data and give you access to the most varied demographics for notification delivery, financial services, marketing programs and customer care.


Worx is a collection of web-based and standalone messaging applications. Built with white-labeling in mind, it will turn into a product under your colors and brand in minutes!


mGate is a highly flexible and secure on-site or cloud-based mobile messaging gateway for large enterprise customers. Delivers automated messages: ATM transaction alerts, balance statements, reservation confirmations, transport-related notifications, document expiry reminders.

USSD solutions

USSD allows for interactive, menu driven, 2-way communication between subscribers and applications and offers a quick and direct way of transacting with clients.

2-factor authentication

In many cases, more than just a password is needed to achieve an adequate level of security in the digital space. See how our SMS-based 2-factor authentication increases security exponentially.

Campaign Manager

Campaign manager is a complete SMS marketing solution, allowing you to run 4 types of SMS marketing campaigns – broadcasts, polls, sweepstakes and coupons.