2-Way SMS Messaging

Get a number to send and receive SMS.

With Digital SMS, it’s easy to get a mobile number and run engaging SMS sweepstakes, broadcasts and loyalty programs. We provide short codes, virtual long numbers, and an advanced set of tools for managing inbound messages.

Get one or more mobile numbers for your SMS programs. A number can be shared, i.e. used for many different campaigns, which comes handy if you are looking to reduce costs.


Expanding coverage

Currently live in 40 countries around the globe, our 2-Way SMS service is growing daily, with new countries constantly added to our coverage list.



Close partnerships with MNOs and in-house developed technology allow us to guarantee you top delivery rates
and instant traffic processing.



Speaking 10 languages, our expert 24/7 technical support makes sure your inbound messages never stay queued.





Allowing you to run multiple campaigns on a single number.
Multiple keywords available on the message level (e.g. STOP SPORTS).

Opt in, Opt out

The process is automated and easily customized.
Run SMS campaigns smoothly and professionally.


Configurable on both the keyword and number level.

Inbound traffic management

Collect messages with our fully-featured Campaign Manager, or
via email, SMPP, HTTP push and pull.


Universal set of characters from world’s scripts and languages.
Have all letters, numerals, punctuation and symbols displayed correctly.

Concatenated messages

Receive long messages as a single concatenated message, for top performance and clarity.

Enterprise solutions

Campaign Manager is an all-in-one solution for SMS marketing. Use it to
run beautiful SMS sweepstakes, polls, broadcasts, and generate popular
SMS coupons. Launch fully-functional SMS campaigns in no time.

Our Worx and mGate enterprise messaging solutions both support
2-Way SMS.

API: Integrate with ease!

With our APIs you can fit 2-Way SMS into your system by choosing from a variety of options. Our enterprise support is available to help you optimize integration.