Campaign Manager

Mobile marketing can be easy.

When looking to launch an SMS marketing campaign, you need a reliable tool to manage messages and recipients, receive replies, schedule campaigns and track data. Digital SMS’s Campaign Manager gives you all of that in an easy-to-use package connected to a global telecoms network and an outstanding 24/7 technical support.

Campaign manager is a complete SMS marketing solution, allowing you to run 4 types of SMS marketing campaigns, and covering both 1-way and 2-way messaging options.

SMS campaign types



Send promotional SMS messages or alerts to any number of contacts in your base.



Use exciting SMS voting to boost both accuracy and engagement.



Attract new customers with a chance to win in SMS sweepstakes.



Nurture loyalty by sending SMS-coupons to your customers.

A user-friendly but comprehensive management interface allows you to view, add, remove and manage campaigns and contacts.


Each campaign type comes with its own set of metrics, from the number of opted-in consumers, retention and churn, to overall trends and conversions. Use these numbers to fine-tune your campaigns and compare with sales results and other resources for better business insight.

Campaign Manager is a web-based application that requires no prior training, no software installation and no costly hardware.


  • Long messages
  • Message scheduling
  • Unicode
  • Global coverage
  • Automatic coupon generation
  • Broadcast sending timeframe
  • Detailed, real-time reporting
  • 24/7/365 support in 10 languages